##Main reasons to change

Hi, it’s been while since my last post, but, it was for a good reason, as you can see.

I’m using a new blog “engine”, not so featured like Blogger or WordPress but still doing fine its job. As a developer i was a little unhappy with WordPress, not with the features, we all know it has a great blog engine. In the beginning, it was a fantastic experience, nice features and such a beautiful layout, but a little slow.

Taking a quick look at yslow in my old versus new blog:

  Old - Http Requests - 83
  New - Http Requests - 12

  Old - Total Weight - 1694.3k
  New - Total Weight - 75.7k

1694.3K is too much heavy for a simple blog, so the first and the main reason to change my blog engine was clearly the speed thing.

The second reason was more personal. As a developer I feel a lack of freedom to change or try new things in a production project. It is just insane to test new features in the production environment, so I decided to write and design my entire new blog with a hundred percent freedom to try everything I always wanted.

##Making the web faster, making the web beautiful

After an entire era of heavy sites and very slow navigation we came to the web 2.0, we need to keep our applications fast and, yes, we can keep it beautiful too. That’s what I’m trying to delivery a faster and pretty blog.

##Keep it simple

I tried to keep my code and design simple as possible, the coding part was made with Ruby 1.8.7 and Ruby On Rails 2.3.5.

The layout was designed to be clean, fast and simple, as you can see there’s nothing hard to find, you can get all the important information without any trouble.

##More focused posts

I will focus my new posts just in web development with ruby on rails, maybe a couple of posts about something really good in .Net and some useful tips in Css/Html/Javascript.

##New features

I’m using DISQUS now to manage my comments, you can comment with your twitter, facebook, openid, yahoo, disqus account, or even like a guest, pretty much easy.

Rss now is powered by feedburner, the address has changed, so subscribe here to the new feed or if you prefer use the top bar.

New code snippets, more efficient and clear

def blog
  return "http://www.stjhimy.com"

##Archives and contact

Need to get something from the old blog? I just achieved the entire collection of posts in my Google Docs, you can find it here . Wanna ask me something? Make a comment, find me on my social networks using the top bar or send an email to stjhimy@gmail.com.