tags: Polls, Community date: 2010-06-26 01:19:49.000000000Z


The last post was a quick poll to map the Ruby on Rails community needs, and it was more than expected.. I got such a great result. The main reason I did that was to try to provide a better content for you guys, maybe a especial big post per week giving a deeper look at some kind of content. And, as I was expecting, the Rails community needs more content about “Testing applications”. Let’s take a look at the full results:

Testing World, a deeper look at Rspec, cucumber and other tools 73 32%
Rails doing the job, tutorials about how to create an entire commercial applications 53 23%
The rails core, tutorials explaining how Rails work 49 21%
Plugins/Gems, how to create these two from the scratch 25 11%
Ajax, how to make dynamic views with ajax requests etc 20 9%
Plugins/Gems reviews explaining how to use the most famous plugins and gems 10 4%

So I decided to write a series of posts about “The testing world”. This series will provide tutorials going trough the full testing feature of the framework, TestUnits, Rspec, Shoulda and more. Next Friday the first one : )

You can see the entire result here.