tags: Off-topic date: 2010-11-23 21:08:05.000000000Z

##Changing again?

I’ts a long time since my last post, i’ve been working this last month in some changes in my blog, let’s take a look.

##Obviously, layout

I’m releasing a new layout today, more html5 and some basic changes, new fonts colors and etc. Hope you enjoy the new design.

##New code snippets

In the previous version of my blog i was using coderay to generate the code snippets and it’s server side. In this new version i decide to use a client side javascript called SyntaxHighlighter and reduce my server job.

Some examples:

def new_snippets
  return "awesome!"

If you are reading this post in some RSS reader, click here to see the new layout.

And that’s all, hope i can publish something new by tomorrow.Cya!.