tags: Facebook++, Javascript, Chrome date: 2011-12-10 23:37:05.000000000Z

A day without coding is a completely wasted day. I was free last weekend then I decided to give Chrome Web Store Api a shot. I’m a VIM user and also a Google Reader lover, so I had the idea of adding key navigation on Facebook for a quick navigation.

/lost image/

##Enjoy the fun This app allows you to navigate through your Wall, your friend’s profile and all your favorite pages just with some easy keyboard shortcuts! For those who already use Google Reader and/or Google+ are already up to date of this nice option for navigation. But, for those who don’t, it’s easy to learn and practical to use.

The shortcuts are:

  • J = goes to the next posts
  • K = goes to the previous posts
  • Shift+J = goes to the last post of the page
  • Shift+K = goes to the first post of the page
  • L = gives a Like for the bests
  • V = sends you to the original page’s post.

/lost image/

Click here to see on Chrome web store.

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##Note for ruby developers: Rake everywhere

That’s just a curiosity. For a Ruby developer it’s kind natural the fact of having a Rakefile even in non ruby projects. I used a rake test to compile the javascript and prepare the zip for the Chrome Store, rake everywhere :)

See you bros.