tags: Ruby, Rails, Web Development date: 2013-01-16 21:00:00.000000000Z

Hello Folks, I would like to share my current DEV environment for Ruby/Rails Fulltime. There is nothing too fancy, just a simple and productive environment.

Macbook pro mid 2010

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Yes, i’m still coding on a Macbook pro mid 2010, why? It’s enough! It is not the fastest machine on earth but it is enough for ruby/rails/web development in general, i use it mostly for work/feeds/internet-shit. Gamming? Forget about it, i use my iPhone 4S and my xbox to do that.

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I’ve started using vagrant a few weeks ago, and i got say, it’s awesome. I’m running an Ubuntu 12.04 virtual machine, 512 ram.

Inside vagrant

Text Editor - Vim

    Ruby 1.9.3
    Ruby 1.8.7


I use vim inside vagrant only for quicking editing files or git commits.


If you don’t know tmux yet, it makes managing shell sessions really easy, you can split, create new windows, create multiple sessions and stuff.


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Also there’s a great gem to manage complex tmux sessions (which window should open for each project), it’s called tmuxinator, check this out here: https://github.com/aziz/tmuxinator

Text Editor - Macvim for the rescue

Tried lots of different editors, Sublime, TextMate, vim on bash but my heart always goes back to MacVim.


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There’s a pack with lots of snippets and plugins, you can find it here: https://github.com/akitaonrails/vimfiles

Browser - Chrome

My default browser is Chrome (OHH BIG NEWS!) but i keep a virtual machine with Chrome/Firefox/Internet Explorer so i can test in multiples browsers…specially Internet Explorer, meh.

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That’s it, not a fancy environment, give us a bash, a text editor and a browser and we can do anything :-)